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Affordable Media is an Advertising & Media Agency with an experienced team who take care of everything from Media Buying to Production of your Commercial . Many businesses have used us –  Large, Small, Micro and Start Ups . They’ve come to us to help increase lead generation,  sell directly to consumers and for brand awareness. 

We specialise in putting Businesses on Free To Air Television, Radio, Catch Up TV, Audio Streaming, Podcasts and Billboards. If getting your product in front of thousands of people is your aim then Affordable Media can help achieve your goal.

Let’s start with our web only Special Offer $9,988 (inc GST) TV Advertising Package Deal . It’s a great way to run Television Advertising test campaign in a regional market. Planning TV Campaigns and making Ads can be very complex . Affordable Media makes it easy for you by taking care of the entire process from start to finish.

Or perhaps you’d like to try radio advertising . Our Special Offer Regional Radio Advertising Package Deal is Just $5,000 (inc GST). It also includes both the airtime and production or your radio ad. Or for a bit more you can use  AM , FM or Digital radio in a Capital City Market. 

If you want  Media Buying services without the overheads then try our solution. There’s No Lock In Contracts and we provide a high level of service, experience, knowledge and client support. If comprehensive strategy, planning, research and competitive media rates is what you are after – we can help.

You can get in touch on our  contact page below

Call Roger Gagliardi  0425 200 402  | roger@affordablemedia.com.au

“Affordable Media provided relevant statistics to guide decision making, organised my ad production.And used their contacts to negotiate a fantastic campaign all within budget. I highly recommend their services.”  Kara Kennedy, CEO Founder & Managing Director , Your Business Security 

 Advertising Lets You…   

Put your product in front of Tens of Thousands of consumers. Television and Radio are proven Advertising Mediums that have been with us for many years. Both allow you to be target your customer – not only on Free To Air but NOW also on Catch Up TV, Podcasts and Audio Streaming.  You can target demographics, geographic regions and income groups cost effectively and affordably. You can achieve:

Lead Generation      

Amplify Your Brand

Test Market New Products