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We’re a boutique Advertising Agency specialising in TV | Radio | Catch Up TV | Podcast | Media Buying |Planning & Strategy.

Affordable Media has commercial relationships with all the Major Metropolitan & Regional TV Networks and Commercial FM, AM & Digital Radio Stations – Australia wide.

Our cornerstone offering are our value added Production & Airtime Package Deals  – specifically designed for small budgets.

Like our Free to Air TV SPECIAL $9,988 Package Deal . Your TV campaign can run in either a Regional or Capital City market. We will supply you with a schedule of the shows your Ad can run in. And we’ll produce a professionally made graphics based TV commercial for this one price.

Catch Up, Streaming TV or Download TV like 7 PLUS, 9NOW, 10 PLAY or SBS On Demand is currently proving a versatile advertising environment and we think providing exceptional value. 

Affordable Media’s  SPECIAL Catch Up TV Package Deal is an opportunity for you to advertise in prime TV programs. From just $6,600 we will make a TV Ad and give you a guaranteed number of viewer downloads of TV shows containing your Ad. You can target geographically large and small areas with Catch Up TV –  even right down to the postcode in many areas.

Radio and Podcast Advertising Package Deals also include the airtime and production of a radio Ad. You can be on any AM, FM or Digital Commercial or Community station Australia wide or high profile Podcast from $5,500.

Our Media Buying, Planning, Strategy and Audience Research Services come with No lock In Contracts . We work on a Campaign by Campaign basis. Find out further down our website the comprehensive services our experienced team can provide you with or get in touch via our contact page or our Sales Director.

Roger Gagliardi  0425 200 402  | roger@affordablemedia.com.au

“Affordable Media provided relevant statistics to guide decision making, organised my ad production.And used their contacts to negotiate a fantastic campaign all within budget. I highly recommend their services.”  Kara Kennedy, CEO Founder & Managing Director , Your Business Security 

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