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About Us: Affordable Media specialises in buying advertising airtime on TV, Radio and Out of Home Advertising.

Mass market Advertising can be very cost efficient for your business.

Affordable Media makes process of buying ad space simple from a small campaign to a complex one using extensive market research.

We’ll do all the planning and negotiation – so you can do what you do best – run your business.

Mass Market Advertising can still allow us to target demographics, buying groups and your potential customers with our great advertising rates and client service.

We dont just buy ad space for one industry. We’ve advertised everything from Tap washers to Motor Bikes, Holidays, Tourist Destinations, Fashion, Household Appliances, Real Estate and Consumer Goods and Services.

Lets take a look at some of  your Advertising options:



The most common question we get asked is how much does TV advertising cost. Well, the short answer from tens of dollars per 30 or 15 second spot (one play) to thousands of dollars. Cost is dictated by many factors including time of day / year, demographics, ratings, broadcast area…… and the list goes on.

A  more practical answer might be (and this applies to all media we buy) what sort of sort of TV campaign will your advertising budget buy. How many 30 & 15 second spots will you get for your budget.

We can do this for you for Free of Charge without any obligation. As we dont have lock in contracts or retainers.

Our entry level TV Advertising  Package Deal is only $11,000 inc GST. It includes both the TV Advertising campaign and production of a TV Ad produced from your footage, product shots, Logos and Graphics . Most of these campaigns run during the day – Not in midnight to dawn.

Many of our clients start out with this deal . Some have even kept using the same Ad.

Contact Roger Gagliardi on 0425 200 402  or email roger@affordablemedia.com.au.




Radio Stations reach millions of people every week .Advertising on radio allows many advertising opportunities. Personalised Live Ad Reads by the on air announcer or pre- recorded  30 or 15 second commercials. Radio’s Australia wide with a multitude of formats. It also lets you target demographics and your potential customers on  Music and Talk stations. Radio campaigns can be usually turned around quickly. Often within a couple of days of booking your campaign you can start hear your ad on air.

We offer an introductory Special $5,500 inc GST  Radio Ad Package Deal that includes the spots and  production of a radio Ad. We write the script designed to sell and entice and provide the professional voice over and music.

Do you want to find out more or unsure of  which Media to use to advertise your business .

Get in touch Now via our contact page or contact  Roger Gagliardi 0425 200 402  | roger@affordablemedia.com.au


The broadcast TV Station’s popular Free  program download  includes 7 PLUS, 9NOW, 10 PLAY and SBS On Demand.

Connected TV  also offers even more versatility.

You can  target demographics and also  geographically large and small areas. For example in Capital Cities an Advertising Campaign can be planned to be seen in only  postcodes chosen by the Advertiser.

 Connected TV works off downloads rather than audience size. We also provide a Dashboard which shows you how your ad is performing – whose watching where and when.



That’s Advertising that seen everywhere but in the home like billboards in high traffic areas , Retail outlets, at bus stops, railway stations and airports.In retail spaces, cafes and offices. There are literally thousands of static and moving picture opportunities available Australia wide .

Make an impression when people are out and about in just one area or a multiple locations.



“Affordable Media provided relevant statistics to guide decision making, organised my ad production.And used their contacts to negotiate a fantastic campaign all within budget. I highly recommend their services.”  Kara Kennedy, CEO Founder & Managing Director , Your Business Security 

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