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Reaching Your Market

Services in Your Market: Affordable Media uses comprehensive qualitative and quantitative Market and Audience Research along with our team’s experience to help plan your next campaign.



Media Buying & Planning 

Reaching Your Market: The size of your budget has no bearing on the level of service you get from Affordable Media. Small business and large companies use us. We understand that all businesses are different.We listen to You about Your business and create a campaign specifically for you and your budget .

We think you’ll be very impressed with our great Free to Air Radio and Television Rates. We can get significant discounts from media outlets and also bonus spots for each campaign. Affordable Media always pass bonus spots onto clients.

Apart from the OzTam and RegTam ratings to help plan your campaign –  on request for highly targeted campaigns, our media buying team can access comprehensive qualitative and quantitive research from Nielsen AIS, L&J: Genesis, Roy Morgan Research Single Source and the TV Attribution Tool  – Holimetrix .
Catch Up TV or Streaming TV is the latest way to reach Regional and Metro markets. You can also Micro Geo Target TV in the Capital Cities. That means you can target a national audience or even alternatively right down to your customers in particular postcodes.  Catch Up TV can help eliminate “wastage” by making your Ad campaign not only flexible but also cost effective.
Reaching Your Market: Affordable Media buys guaranteed Catch Up TV downloads. For larger campaigns we can also supply you with a weekly Dashboard so you can see how your ad is performing . The Dashboard details things like amount of downloads , how long people watched your TV Ad for and on what sort of devices they watched it on, when and where and a host of other helpful statistics.
And you can advertise in Premium Prime Time programs for an affordable price . The technology does NOT allow viewers to fast forward through your ad.
Podcast advertising also offers an engaged audience with Live Reads from the host, an uncluttered commercial environment, dynamic ad insertion and Geo Targeting.