"If you are considering television advertising or other media I can highly recommend Affordable Media. They not only delivered paid spots for a very competitive rate, but the bonus spots they acheived was amazing."
Nut Producers Australia
Commercial Director

About Us

Affordable Media are TV & Radio Advertising Specialists
We are Australian owned, independent and not aligned too anyone one media organisation.
We work with them all.
The cost of TV & Radio Advertising airtime comes down to many factors including time of day, ratings, channel or station, program,
geographic area, demand..... and the list goes on.

It can be complex but we do it everyday so let us take care of your media buying for you.

Using Affordable Media also means you dont have to deal with multiple media sales reps and try work out what is right for your business.

Sometimes the cheapest airtime may not be the best for your business.

Many Small to large businesses
have used Affordable Media for not just our experience and rates but also for
our straightforward approach without the jargon and hype.

Even some Creative Advertising Agencies trust us to buy their TV & Radio Advertising airtime.

And if you dont have a TV or Radio Ad Affordable Media can make one for you at low cost.
Many of our have clients have done this rather than spending a small fortune on Ad production.

Further down there's more information on how TV & Radio Advertising can work for you

However, if you'd like to talk
Call Roger Gagliardi on 0425 200 402 or use the Contact Page below.

TV Advertising

TV Advertising attracts big audiences and is used by many businesses too effectively target their clients.

Businesses spend Billions of dollars on television Advertising each year.

However, there is a perception that TV Advertising is out of reach for many businesses

So you'll be pleased to hear that you can advertise on TV on relatively modest budgets.

Like many of our clients we can show you how.

The diversity of Broadcast Television and TV On Demand Channels allows us to target your customers by strategically placing your ad when your consumers are most likely to be watching.
We use our specialist skills and experience along with a highly sophisticated audience ratings to create a TV campaign for your business big or small.

Our strong relationship with all the TV Networks means we have access to discounted advertising rates and often bonus Free Spots.

The cost of making a TV Ad is also sometimes a barrier for small business. We have a solution.

We can make you a professional looking 15 or 30 second TV Ad using your footage and stills as part of our Package Deal.

Our Special TV package deal is priced at just $11,000 ( inc GST) and it includes not only the production of a TV Ad but also the TV Advertising Campaign itself.

If you already have a TV Ad let us know your budget and who you want to reach and we'll design a TV campaign for you.

Some of our clients are using TV ON Demand to advertise. Its versatile and we can even target the the ad to certain postcodes

To Find out more about Free to Air and TV On Demand Advertising
Call Roger Gagliardi on 0425 200 402 or use the contact form below

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Radio Advertising

Thousands of people listen to the radio each day. It's a companion that creates a personal connection with the audience.
Radio Advertising Campaigns can be created and turned around relatively quickly.
Radio ad production is also low cost and fast when you use Affordable Media.

Compared to other forms of advertising, radio advertising airtime can also be cheaper. The cost of radio advertising can vary greatly from about $20 a 30 second spot to hundreds of dollars per spot depending on the factors mentioned earlier.

Affordable Media creates competitively priced radio advertising campaigns Australia Wide that can target your consumers.

The process is simple. Tell us your budget and who your target audience is and we'll identifying the radio station/s that suit your objectives - using audience research and our experience.

We will then build a radio advertising campaign for you.

Affordable Media buys radio airtime at discounted rates with often Free bonus spots included on all commercial radio stations in our capital cities and regional Australia

And if you'd like us to create a radio commercial for you we can do that too at low cost.

Ideally the more repetition you ad gets the more your message is reinforced.

We run Radio Advertising Campaigns run on AM, FM, DAB, Streaming, Download - both Music & Talk Radio Stations.
The most popular ad duration is 30 seconds . But you can also run 15,45 and 60 second radio commercials.

Or we can also organise personalised live ad read by the on air announcer and also program sponsorships.

If you'd like to find out how cost effective radio advertising is get in contact and we'll organise an obligation Free Advertising Schedule for you.

Either use our contact form below
Or Call Roger Gagliardi on 0425 200 4022

We're on Target for Lead Generation & Brand Awareness

Media Buying

If you are looking for a Media Buying Agency that provides Great Service and Rates - doesn't have huge fees and lock in contracts, then talk to us at Affordable Media. We don't have retainers, pay per hour fees or ask you to sign long term contracts. We work on a campaign by campaign basis. We understand that all businesses are different. So we listen to You about Your business and goals. Then we create a TV or Radio Campaign to suit your business and budget. Affordable Media can get significant discounts from media outlets and we always pass any bonus spots on to our clients.

Our Media Team can also access comprehensive Market Research. Apart from OzTam, RegTam and GFK Ratings we can also access comprehensive Qualitative and Quantitive Research From Nielsen AIS, L&J: Genesis, Roy Morgan Research Single Source and the TV Attribution Tool - Holimetrix
The Only thing we don't have is a big building with a nice reception area and that helps keep our prices down. If you'd like to find out more about our Media Buying Services get in touch with us. Contact Roger Gagliardi on 0425 200 402 or roger@affordablemedia.com.au
" The Affordable Media team have gone above and beyond to help Australia for Dolphins and ensure our television ad campaign was a success. No job was too big or too small and the level of customer service blew me away. Not only are they affordable, but they have been in the game a long time so they really know their stuff."
Jordan Sosnowski
Advocacy Director

Who We Are

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Sales Director

Call: 0425 200 402
Roger has been involved in the Australian television and media industry since 1981. He was responsible for setting up the Direct Sales Department at Channel 9 in Sydney. Later he went on to set up sales operations for Channel 10, as well as being actively involved in the production of TV commercials. He also worked as a Sales Executive at Triple M, Sydney. Roger's diverse sales background means he's also sold sponsorship for the America's Cup Challenge . He's created sponsor funded TV shows and consulted to large organisations including Westpac, Optus and the Australia Federal Government on their advertising needs . Roger will guide you through how we buy TV & Radio airtime and also provide you with a schedule. It will show you where your ads will be placed Roger will talk to you about audience reach and demographics so you can understand who will potentially see your ad.

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Creative Director

Call: 0416 156 172
Jon has been a producer / director / writer and Executive Producer in the Australian TV Industry for over 20 years Our work. He started out at ABC TV and radio and later joined Channel Seven where he was a Senior Producer/Director on a variety of shows including top rating Prime Time TV Shows. He has also worked in Radio at 2SER, JJJ , 2SM, 2UE & 2WS Jon has also created and made sponsor funded TV Shows. He's also directed or produced TV commercials for many famous household Brands including KIA, Dyson, OMO, Telstra, Taubmans and Dr Martins, along with many more for small business and those clients just starting out with a new product to market. Jon has made just about ever type of TV commercial from 15 seconds duration through to a much longer direct response Advertorials. He not only oversees - but he is hands on with the production of your TV Commercial - from the creative implementation, to the production process, to the application to CAD - the national body that approves TV commercials for broadcast in Australia.

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