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About Us: Affordable Media specialise in buying advertising airtime on TV, Catch Up TV & Radio. We also can buy Ad time in Podcasts, Cinema and Billboards.

Using a media buyer like us makes buying advertising space easy and affordable.

Our clients come to us with  small to medium to large budgets and they are from businesses in diverse industries. We’ve advertised everything from Holidays to Tap washers.

If you want  depth insights into your target audience we can provide comprehensive Quantitative and Qualitative research conducted by leading research organisations.

If you dont already have a TV, Cinema or Radio Ad we can help you with one or our value Package Deals . For one price you get both  the Advertising Airtime and Ad production.

And the other good news you dont have to sign long term contracts with us or pay us retainers.



The most common question we get asked is how much does TV advertising cost. The short answer is it varies – alot . Cost depends on many factors including time of year, demographics, ratings, broadcast area – the list goes on. The best way for you to see  how far you Advertising budget goes is for us to custom design an advertising schedule for you Free of charge and without obligation.

We are able to but advertising airtime on all the TV Networks Seven, Nine, Ten, SBS, Prime, WIN/NBN, Southern Cross TV and FOXTEL.

If you’re New to TV Advertising  and you want to dip your toe in – we’ve offer Special TV Advertising Package Deals that start at $11,000 and  include the TV Advertising airtime and if  you supply us with your footage, product shots, Logos and Graphics we’ll make a TV commercial for you as part of the deal!

Many of our clients started TV Advertising this way.

Feel free to talk TV Advertising with us  call Roger Gagliardi on 0425 200 402  or email him  roger@affordablemedia.com.au.





The Commercial TV Stations popular download service called Catch Up TV includes 7 PLUS, 9NOW, 10 PLAY and SBS On Demand. You can run the same ads on Catch Up TV as Free to Air TV We know Catch Up TV lets viewers download and watch their favourite programs for Free anytime they wish but Catch Up TV is also very versatile for Advertisers. They can target demographics, be in popular programs which they may not be able to afford on Free to Air TV and they also have the ability to target geographically large and small areas. For example in Capital Cities an Advertising Campaign can be adjusted to be seen only in certain postcodes chosen by the Advertiser. We guarantee the download targets on Catch Up TV and also provide our clients with a Dashboard which shows you how you ad is performing . Our Budget TV Package Deal Campaign and Ad production Package also applies to Catch Up TV.




On any given day you can hear a multitude of businesses using radio advertising. Either as Live Reads or pre- recorded commercials. On Radio we can target demographics and your potential customers on either Music or Talk radio stations Australia wide. We can usually get radio campaigns up and running fast and we can also make a radio ad for you. When Affordable Media negotiate radio advertising campaigns we also often receive free bonus spots for our clients- on top of the paid campaign spots.


Podcasts are going from strength to strength. They offer an engaging listening experience across a wide variety of subjects. Now you can advertise in one podcast – or across a whole genre of podcasts. For example you might your ad in a range of fiance podcasts. You can in niche podcasts or high profile ones hosted by celebrities. You can run traditional pre-recorded  audio Ads or the podcast host can do a live read about your business.


Want to see your business on the big screen. Want to be seen before a Blockbuster or an Indy film. Affordable Media can buy single screens or multi screens Australia wide at great prices. If you already have a TV ad in many cases it  can be converted for cinema or we can make you a cinema Ad.



Billboard Advertising comes in two main flavours. The traditional printed Sheet Style or Digital Billboards. You can be solo on a digital billboard or be with other advertisers on rotation.  We have access to billboards – big and small in prominent high exposure sites in the capital cities and Regional Areas as well as high profile highway sites. Billboards can be booked on either a short or long terms basis . All our sites come with production costs included.



If you are an organisation looking for a better deal on your current media buying and also want great service , strategy and research further down our website you can read about our extensive Media Buying Services.

Get in touch now via our contact page or contact our Sales Director direct. Roger Gagliardi 0425 200 402  | roger@affordablemedia.com.au

“Affordable Media provided relevant statistics to guide decision making, organised my ad production.And used their contacts to negotiate a fantastic campaign all within budget. I highly recommend their services.”  Kara Kennedy, CEO Founder & Managing Director , Your Business Security 

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