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About Us: Affordable Media specialise in Traditional Advertising. We buy advertising space on all commercial Television and Radio Stations across Australia along with Cinemas.

Our Media Buying Service is specifically designed for Small to Medium Enterprises (SME’s)

Affordable Media can negotiate advertising space for your business at great rates. And many of our campaigns come with bonus  (free)spots.

Along with our experience and knowledge we provide a high level of customer service – no matter what your budget.

If you already have a TV, Radio Cinema Ad let us know who you want to reach and we’ll custom design a TV, Radio Advertising or Cinema Campaign for you.  If you need a highly targeted campaign and want additional audience and market research we can provide that too. Further down under Media Buying you can see the depth of the research available to our our media team.

TV ADVERTISING & Your Business 

Being on TV can be a lot more affordable than you might think. Television remains a powerful and cost effective mass market medium. Your Ad can be seen by many thousands of people at any one time.

If you dont already have an Ad but you’d like to try TV or Radio Advertising Affordable Media can help with a budget solution.

Our SME TV Advertising Package Deal includes both the production of a simple TV ad along with the actual TV Campaign itself. Total Cost is 11k including GST.

Some companies have the resources to make their own Ad but need some advice making it. We can happily provide you with production advice along with a TV campaign.

Call Roger Gagliardi our Sales Director on 0425 200 402 for all the details.



We guarantee the number of  television show downloads containing your TV Ad on 7 PLUS, 9NOW, 10 PLAY and SBS On Demand. We can also target geographically large and small areas. Even right down to the postcode in Capital Cities. The 11K  SME offer above applies here as well.

About us


On any given day you can hear a multitude of businesses using radio advertising. Either as Live Reads or pre- recorded commercials We can target demographics and your potential customers on either Music or Talk radio stations Australia wide. When Affordable Media negotiate radio advertising campaigns we often will receive bonus spots – on top of the paid campaign spots – to help increase the potential of your campaign .  And for those clients who dont have a radio ad we also have SME  Radio Ad Packages which includes  the advertising space and production of a professionally made radio ad.


Want to see your business on the big screen . Want to be seen before a Blockbuster or an Indy film. We can buy single screens or multi screens Australia wide. If you already have a TV ad in many cases we can be convert for cinema .


We work on a Campaign by Campaign basis with no contracts and with great  service andrates.  We’re also flexible with budgets. Small budgets are OK and you’ll always work with senior member of staff. Further down our website read about our extensive Media Buying Services.

Get in touch now via our contact page or contact our Sales Director direct. Roger Gagliardi 0425 200 402  | roger@affordablemedia.com.au

“Affordable Media provided relevant statistics to guide decision making, organised my ad production.And used their contacts to negotiate a fantastic campaign all within budget. I highly recommend their services.”  Kara Kennedy, CEO Founder & Managing Director , Your Business Security 

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